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See how well you match a job in 2 seconds. Winx’s resume software uses an ATS-like algorithm to calculate your match rate based on skills, job title, education, etc.


Companies use different ATS for resume screening. Jobscan knows which ATS each company is using and provides you ATS-specific tips to help you land that interview.


Over 90% of large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems. We have researched the top systems and built our resume checker based on their common patterns to help you get noticed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I increase my resume match rate?

    To increase your match rate, focus your efforts on the hard skills section, and match the frequency indicated in our match rate, as high-frequency skills are the most impactful. Don’t feel like you need to include every single skill on your resume. The Job Title is also a high impact factor in the match rate. If you had a similar position in the past with a different title, change the job title in your work experience to the one you are applying for. If you haven’t had similar job titles before, you can include it in the summary statement. Lastly, focus your efforts on soft skills and other keywords.

  • We’ve encountered a few ATS that search for keywords within cover letters. Basically, if an application asks for a cover letter, they’re likely to scan it through ATS.

  • We usually see this problem when the skills on the resume and job description don’t match exactly. This means you may have used a plural (manage vs. manages), a verb tense (manage vs. managed), or a word variation (manage projects vs. project management).

    Most ATS don’t understand variations. Because of this, we recommend keywords match exactly with how they’re written in the job description. To learn more, check out our article about wordsmithing your resume on our blog.

    If you’ve already checked that there are no skill variations and you’re still having an issue, please contact [email protected] or Live Chat.

  • Make sure your email is verified, and you have selected our Free Membership plan. You can check this on your account settings page. The additional scans will be deposited monthly on the day of the month you joined. For example, if you joined on May 20th, you would receive the additional scans on June 20th, July 20th, and so on. Your free scans will be added each month until you hit a cap of 5 unused scans. Use your scans each month to get additional scans.

  • You can reset your password on our Password Reset Page. If you don’t receive a reset email from [email protected], please check your spam or promotions folders.



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